Netflix is ​​getting into the cloud gaming business

In recent weeks, we have seen that Netflix games are not being played by almost any user. However, the publishing giant does not seem to want to give up the gaming business. it is said Netflix is ​​streaming its games to the cloud will present. The company is said to be introducing a cloud gaming feature in the TV app.

Netflix is ​​getting into the cloud gaming business

At the beginning of November last year Netflix gamesIt’s not going the way the company planned. According to a recent study, only 1 percent of Netflix subscribers play Netflix games. Although the publishing giant is constantly adding more games, it cannot attract the attention of users.

According to a new report by Protocol, Cloud gaming service for Netflix Games can work on it. The broadcasting giant’s job listing was said to be looking for cloud gaming talent. The job posting mentions experience with “cloud gaming challenges, infrastructure and customer requirements.”

Netflix may declare bankruptcy in the gaming business

Netflix may declare bankruptcy in the gaming business

Netflix games failed to generate the expected interest. Only 1 percent of users have played games on Netflix.

The job posting opened by Netflix seems to be looking for knowledgeable people in cloud platforms. “In this role, you’ll help optimize game rendering so we can build multiple games on our cloud gaming devices,” the job description says.

Netflix also wants game developers to prepare high-quality productions for the Netflix cloud ecosystem. This is Netflix the cloud service won’t be limited to Netflix Games shows. If it can offer the cloud function from the Netflix app on the TV, it can attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of players.

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The company also wants “controller or touch control experience” from job applicants. However, the streaming giant’s plans for cloud gaming are still unclear. But it seems logical to offer its cloud gaming service outside of Netflix Games.

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