Netflix brings the popular game to mobile!

The world’s most preferred video streaming platform Netflixstarted last year Netflix games project expansion. The company, which is constantly expanding its library of new games, now adds one of the popular games to its body. According to today’s news Immortalitywill be available for free to Netflix subscribers.

A Mac version will soon be available for Netflix users.

history maker Sam BarlowImmortality’s next game, was released for console and PC. However mobile version not yet published. Developer Half Mermaid then made a statement on Twitter.

According to developer Half Mermaid’s statement, Immortality is Collaboration with Netlix It will also come to mobile devices. In its description, it did not indicate a release date, but the mobile version ‘very soon’ He said he would come. “Immortality is coming *soon* to Apple and Android devices on Netflix. We’re putting a little more time into our mobile version to provide the best possible experience for Netflix members around the world.”

The iconic Mafia game is now free for a limited time!

The iconic Mafia game is now free for a limited time!

The iconic Mafia 1 is free for a short time. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Mafia series, 2K Games has announced the good news of the new Mafia.

Also, for Netflix users around the world, there will be one soon. Mac version also said it will be released. Like other games from short story writer Sam Barlow, Immortality presents itself as an interactive video game that unravels a massive mystery.

The mystery in this game is the fictional actress who disappeared after filming only three movies Marissa Marcel regarding. Players will need to interact with both the films and other footage to discover Marcel’s fate.

Netflix presents the game of immortality

Among the expectations was that Immortality would be great after his other games. But recent reviews have revealed that it will be one of the best mobile games. Yesterday Xbox Series X ve desktop computerThe Immortality Game published in Game Pass It is also possible to play it.

So what do you think of the Immortality game? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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