Multiplayer support is coming to the Netflix Games platform

Netflix, the world’s most used video streaming platform, has started working to maintain its presence in the mobile gaming industry. The company will offer multiplayer support to users with Netflix Games.

As of last month, Into The Breach, followed by Bowling Ballers, Mahjong Solitaire and Heads Up! Many games including Netflix Games are published. Entering the mobile gaming industry, the company wants to appeal to more users.

Multiplayer support is coming to the Netflix Games platform

Commenting on the topic, Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka said: “We are always trying to improve our members’ experience on the service and are exploring various features to enrich the Netflix mobile gaming experience. We have nothing more to share at this time.” said.

Multiplayer support is coming to the Netflix Games platform

According to findings first discovered by developer Steve Moser, Netflix allows users to set something called a “game handle,” which is defined as a unique generic name for playing games on Netflix. Netflix first began testing the Into The Breach game on July 19, 2022, before adding the option to other games.

Games can be played on the Netflix TV app!

Games can be played on the Netflix TV app!

Netflix is ​​getting ready to enter the cloud gaming business. Netflix Games and more will be playable from the cloud. Here are the details.

References found in the Netflix app point to the new feature that will increase competition along with inviting other users to play games with you. By adding a ranking feature, the company will also display the results your competitors have earned.

The company announced that user profile icons and names will not be visible to other people. Users will be able to choose pseudonyms to remain anonymous.

Data analytics company Apptopia recently found that Netflix games have an average of just 1.7 million daily users, CNBC reported. More than two dozen games on Netflix have been downloaded just 23.3 million times to date. Netflix, which has 221 million subscribers, only had access to 9 percent of its users.

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