MSI Modern AM272P presented: Features and price!

MSI unveiled its new all-in-one PC, the Modern AM272P, today. This device, which looks like a monitor on the outside, actually contains a powerful computer inside. The first version came with the pandemic last year. It was even claimed to be specially designed for those who work from home. This year all its features have been updated and released.

MSI Modern AM272P presented: Features and price!

The MSI Modern AM272P, which came out with its updated specs this year, measures 611.75mm x 194.68mm x 561.48mm. The weight of the device is 7.42 kg. Of course, if we add the stand to that, it goes up to 10 kilograms. When we look at the side of the screen, we see that it has a 27-inch IPS panel with FHD resolution.

MSI Modern AM272P

We see that the PC is available for sale with 2 different processor options. These are Intel Core i7-1260P and Intel Core i5-1240P. On the graphics performance side, there is Intel Iris Xe Graphics that comes with this chip. So no external card.

Therefore, it will show similar gaming performance with laptops using the built-in GPU. But let’s state again that this is not its main function, that is, it is not intended for the game. Because, according to the company, this device is designed with productivity and efficiency in mind for workplaces and employees.

MSI Modern AM272P

The computer has a total of 8 ports, including 6 USB, HDMI and Ethernet inputs. It also comes with 2 internal 2.5W speakers. It also has Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity options.

As for the price, we see that there is a similar tag with laptops. The listed retail price for the device’s Intel Core i7-1260P processor model is $1,150. The Intel Core i5-1240P version is not yet known.

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