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Microsoft makes AR combat goggles for the US military

Between Microsoft and the US military since 2018 hololens-based AR glasses The first delivery is made in the contract. The US military, which committed to providing Microsoft with a $21.8 billion budget last year, 121k AR glasses wanted. As a result of the first delivery, it was announced that 5 thousand glasses were given to the army.

Microsoft will ship 121,000 hololens AR glasses to the US

According to Bloomberg News, the US Army, 373 million dollars worth 5 thousand cups It placed its first order for it in 2021. Despite several delays in technology, the US military will 121 thousand glasses from Microsoft purchase plans.

As a result of discussions with US military officials, various technological improvements were made to the AR glasses. Microsoft high resolution night, thermal and military He stated that the sensors are combined on one screen. The glasses are also used to create a mixed reality educational environment. AR ve AI there is support.

Microsoft Surface rival Huawei MateBook E Go unveiled!

Microsoft Surface rival Huawei MateBook E Go unveiled!

Huawei introduced its Microsoft Surface competitor, the MateBook E Go, to consumers at its event today.

Microsoft’un Azure cloud services Hololens-based AR glasses using hololens have been discontinued for a while. Unable to meet the demands of the military, Microsoft also suffered some setbacks within the company. Some officials blasted CEO Satya Nadella, saying they were “horrified” by the deal with the military.

As a result of these uncertainties, the delivery of the first batch, which was supposed to take place in 2021, was delayed and postponed by a year. Finally, towards the end of 2022, the production was completed and the first batch was delivered to the army.

Microsoft, which received $373 million from the U.S. for production, will receive up to $424.2 million in financial support in the coming years if the program continues. The total budget of the ten-year agreement is expected to reach $21.8 billion.

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