Microsoft agreed: PlayStation surpassed Xbox

Although Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, the Series X/S, have been successful, Xbox One The same cannot be said for. Microsoft, which hasn’t reported Xbox One sales since 2016, finally does The superiority of the PlayStation 4 he accepted. According to Microsoft’s statement, the Xbox One sold even less than half of the PS4.

The Xbox One sold less than half the PlayStation 4

New documents sent by Microsoft to Brazil’s competition watchdog have revealed Xbox One sales. Microsoft, which has stopped talking about its old-generation console for years, said it was lagging behind the PlayStation 4. The exact figure is unknown, but in order of sales superiority PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch ve Xbox One We can say that the form

Xbox One PlayStation 4

In the file sent to Brazil, Microsoft said they could not capture Sony’s sales. “Sony has surpassed Microsoft in console sales and install base, selling twice as many Xboxes in the last generation (PS4),” he said.

PlayStation 4 sales reach their highest level in years!

PlayStation 4 sales reach their highest level in years!

What about PlayStation 4 sales? Although Sony stopped production of the PS4, it continues to set new records.

The last report by Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at research firm Nico, was from 2013. 117.2 million PS4s it has been sold shown With this figure, the PlayStation 4 is the fourth best-selling console.

Previous research Xbox One is 51 million He had shown that he had oversold. The official Xbox One sales figure is uncertain, but we can say it’s less than 58.5 million according to Microsoft’s statement. Nintendo Switch if right now 111.08 million It has sales of approx.


Still, things seem to be going well for Microsoft on the Xbox Series X/S side. The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, said that Microsoft “has been the next-generation console leader in North America for three consecutive quarters.”

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