Microsoft adds speed to the speed of Xbox consoles

Microsoft’un Xbox Series X/S new console performance update announced that he had done so. The new charging update, which almost doubles the charging speed of the Xbox series models, managed to surprise Xbox users.

Xbox Series X/S loading speed doubled

The reduction in launch times noticed by Xbox Series X/S users recently has been confirmed by Microsoft. Xbox Marketing Manager Josh Muncy to the description According to the report, the screen where the Xbox logo appears has gone from 9 seconds to 4 seconds. Full Xbox bootloader of 20 seconds up to 13-14 seconds no matter how much it decreases.

The new performance update was said to be most noticeable in the area where the Xbox logo is displayed. By preparing a shorter loading animation, Microsoft was able to offer users a faster loading time.

Discord's favorite feature is finally coming to Xbox!

Discord’s favorite feature is finally coming to Xbox!

Discord, the platform that gamers love, is finally bringing the voice chat feature to Xbox. So users will play games more comfortably.

Xbox Series X/S loading change applied to all consoles. So you can take advantage of the fast loading time by downloading the latest update. However, it is only Energy saving It should also be noted that it will work while in mode. If you haven’t had a shortened Xbox Series launch time wait You may be in a mode.

Announced in the first quarter of this year, Energy Saver mode allows the console to consume more power, as you can tell from its name. Let’s note that Microsoft has made this mode a default option, so if you haven’t made any changes, it’s in Energy Saver.

This isn’t the only Xbox innovation that’s gotten attention lately. A platform that players loved some time ago Discord, voice chat finally ported the feature to Xbox. Thus, users were able to play games more conveniently.

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