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Meta’s model VR glasses forgotten in the hotel room

Meta, the umbrella organization of Facebook and Instagram, continues its work in the metaverse universe. The company will officially unveil its new Quest Pro VR glasses next week. However, the images of the new VR glasses appeared before the promotion.

Quest Pro appeared in the hotel room

A Facebook user named Ramiro Cardenas announced that engineering samples of Quest Pro VR glasses were left in a hotel room. This is how the new VR glasses appeared, which are quite curious. It is not known how the Quest Pros were forgotten in the hotel room.

New VR glasses are on the way!  Meta Connect date announced

New VR glasses are on the way! Meta Connect date announced

Meta has chosen October 11 for the Connect 2022 event. The new VR glasses are expected to be launched at the event.

In the shared video, we have the opportunity to see black VR glasses with three cameras on the front. The new virtual reality headset is very similar to Meta’s VR headset previously released as Project Cambria.

In addition to the virtual reality glasses, there are also two joysticks. While the new control arms, whose design has been significantly changed, attract attention with their ergonomic design, they are completely black, just like the VR glasses.

The package includes the phrases “Meta Quest Pro” and “Not for Resale – Engineering Sample”. In addition, photos of the headset and controllers can also be seen on the packaging. The mass production version of the new virtual reality glasses is expected to be presented with a similar box.

Meta and Qualcomm team up for VR headsets

Speaking about the Quest Pro, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised to deliver a “high-end virtual reality experience” in his statement. The new VR glasses are said to have a variety of sensors to go beyond just gaming, as well as eye and face tracking. Zuckerberg also backs up these claims with the phrase “great for games, but not just for games.”

Meta will launch its Quest Pro virtual reality headset next month. Until then, we plan to get more details on the new VR glasses. So, what do you think of Meta’s new Quest Pro VR glasses? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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