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Meta Quest removes the Facebook requirement!

Mark Zuckerberg in a statement made today announced that they have taken a new step by listening to the high demand from users. Along these lines, Meta has announced that it will remove the requirement to connect to Facebook for Quest.

Zuckerberg’s users were listening! Meta removes Facebook’s requirement for Quest

In the first Meta event, which took place last year with the detailed explanation of Mark Zuckerberg, the companies gathered under the Facebook umbrella were restructured. Accordingly, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went under the umbrella of a new company called Meta.

We know this transformation is very important to Zuckerberg. As the concept of a metaverse was first introduced at the same event. In fact, it has become a world that we are not unfamiliar with because it encompasses the concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality that we know as VR and AR.

Meta vs. Europe: Facebook and Instagram may be shut down!

Meta vs. Europe: Facebook and Instagram may be shut down!

Meta is accused of transferring data from Europe to the US. The alarm bells are ringing for Facebook and Instagram.

Meta’s goal was to connect virtual reality and life by creating its own metauniverse concept here. Various agreements were concluded with hundreds of companies. A very rapid growth was achieved in a short period of 1 year.

So much so that we can now shop in the metaverse, visit the art gallery, play games or run our business there. For example, thanks to the new virtual offices developed during the pandemic, many companies held their meetings here rather than face-to-face.

But Meta had some limitations that users didn’t like. Chief among them was the requirement that he use his Facebook account to connect with Quest. Today, Mark Zuckerberg said that he has been listening to users for some time and that this requirement will be removed from next month. Meta: “You asked, we listened.” He shared Zuckerberg’s statement below:

Starting next month, you won’t need a Facebook account to log into Quest. Instead, we’re introducing new Meta accounts that you can use with our VR headsets. This will give everyone more opportunities to access the metaverse.

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