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Meta Horizon Worlds meta universe platform is in Europe!

Facebook, the world’s most established social media platform, metaverse the name of the roofing company to draw attention to the concept Meta was changed. Thinking that the future is in this area, the company focused its activities. In this direction, Meta introduced a virtual world game called Horizon Worlds based on Metaverse last December.

Meta launched Horizon Worlds in France and Spain

Facebook is now virtual reality and metaverse announced that they will focus on their strategies and that they do not want to be known as a company dominated by social media. In this context, the tech giant, which changed its name to Meta, launched the social VR platform in December. Horizon Worlds has opened its game to users over the age of 18 living in Canada and America.

Delivery Partnership Between Meta and DoorDash!

Delivery Partnership Between Meta and DoorDash!

Meta and DoorDash partner for delivery on Facebook Marketplace. However, there are some conditions to these deliveries.

Satisfied with the platform’s progress, the company is looking to expand beyond the continent. Acting in this context, the platform brought its platform to Europe. Meta has already launched the platform in France and Spain. Horizon Worlds launches in the UK in June. Meta wants to expand its service across Europe in a short time. It is not yet known when it will be put into operation in Turkey.

Horizon Worlds

What does Horizon Worlds, the social VR space, offer?

Horizon WorldsThis is the first major app released since Meta revealed its plans for the metaverse. Thanks to this application, the creators of the Roblox and other creator-focused apps, they can add their own games on top of the base game. In this way, we are offered many different games with a certain structure.

Horizon Worlds

The game is produced by Oculus, one of Meta’s subsidiaries. Oculus Quest 2 It is available for free to anyone who owns the title. Anyone 18 and over in the game can move around without legs (similar to the avatar used in Meta’s workplace-oriented dating system) your VR avatar can create. With this avatar he will be able to start the game.

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