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Low Power Mode comes with watchOS 9!

Apple will present its new smartphones, watch and headphones at the event it will organize next September. Of course, there are also tablet expectations. However, it is possible to encounter these devices in a second event as well. A new low-power mode has emerged today that will be coming to Apple Watches with watchOS 9.

watchOS 9 Brings Low Power Mode to Apple Watches!

Mark Gurman, who came to the fore with his leaks (later confirmed) and consistent predictions he shared in the past, talked about the low power mode feature Apple developed with watchOS 9 in his article shared today.

watchOS 9 low power mode

Of course, he said that this feature is still under development at the moment, so it won’t find a place for itself at the Apple event that will take place 2 months later, but it will come in a big package with updates until the end of this year.

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Apple Watch models actually now have a screen-time-only mode to save battery life. However, Gurman says that the scope is trying to be expanded a bit further thanks to the newly researched feature.

In other words, when we put the smartwatches in low power mode, we will be able to use other applications at a certain speed. Last April, we came across the first leaks on this topic. However, it was not included in the watchOS 9 presentation at WWDC held in June. For this reason, it is rumored that he may reappear in September or by the end of the year.

But at this point we have some bad news. As Gurman said this feature can be supported in hardware as well. For this reason, he stated that Apple may wait for the new 8th generation watches for promotion. In this case, old devices will not benefit.

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