Latest US decision could double tech prices!

The US is waging major campaigns to prevent China from monopolizing technology production. According to the latest claims American politiciansEurope’s largest chip maker of ASML He wants to prevent him from selling to his Chinese partners. As you can imagine, this decision will reduce chip production and increase prices.

The US will ban China from buying hardware from ASML

has been going on for years semiconductor chip crisisIt seems that with the new US political obstruction, it will heat up even more. The Senate, which currently prevents many American companies from buying parts or forming partnerships with China, is now Dutch. ASML He wants to block his company’s transactions.

Bloomberg’s latest report, the world’s largest lithography tools showed that the company that manufactures (some of the equipment used to print chips) is on the target board. The US previously stated that ASML has extreme ultraviolet light (EUV) prevented him from selling his lithography equipment to Chinese companies. Now deep ultraviolet (DUV) plans to stop selling lithography tools.

How much will Togg cost?

How much will Togg cost?

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The equipment, called DUVs, is used in many segments of technology, from computers to servers, from mobile electronics to autonomous vehicles and robots. good ASML’s inability to sell in Chinaindicates that another semiconductor crisis is on the way.

American politicians who plan to break ASML’s agreements with Chinese manufacturers have already started negotiations with the Dutch government. According to this; Hua Hong, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co. (minimum wage) ve YMTC Agreements with manufacturers such as

In addition, global chip manufacturing companies (TSMC, Samsung ve SK HynixIt is currently unclear whether the agreements with ) will continue. It is rumored that Chinese manufacturers may also buy DUV equipment from Canon and Nikon, but it should be noted that the largest manufacturer is ASML.

A possible blocking decision by officials from the Netherlands and ASML could widen the chip crisis worldwide. Especially Samsung ve Intel While companies like companies are increasing their investments, the future of the technology parts is uncertain.

What do you think of the ban decision between the US and ASML? You can share your ideas in the comment section and on the SDN forum.

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