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Laptops will charge phones wirelessly!

Charging is one of the biggest problems with smartphones. The battery of most smartphones barely lasts even 1 day, especially with heavy use. In such cases, it turns out that we are constantly looking for a suitable place to charge the phone. Our laptops are also one of the addresses we apply to charge our phone.

Phones will charge wirelessly from a laptop

Laptops are another way to charge your phone at work or at home without taking it away. If our computer is with us outside, we can charge our phone without taking our eyes off it. In this case, however, cable confusion may occur. Dell has a new patent for such cases.

100W Wired vs. 100W Wireless Charging: Does It Really Give the Same Performance?

100W Wired vs. 100W Wireless Charging: Does It Really Give the Same Performance?

It has been tested whether the 100W wired and wireless charger can give the same performance. The result was surprising.

Dell has received a new patent that will allow users to wirelessly charge their phones with their laptops. Dell’s patent 20220239124, issued by Patently Apple, involves an external charger placed over unused space on the laptop. Thus, smartphones or other devices can be charged wirelessly through the laptop.

The biggest difference of this system compared to others is that it does not build directly into laptop computers. It is not yet clear whether the new patent will live. Unfortunately, the wireless charging speed is not specified in the received patent.

Of course, Dell isn’t the only brand planning to offer wireless charging support to its customers. Apple has also been working on wireless charging technology since 2014. The company has applied for three patents for use on its Macbooks.

The company previously revealed plans for its AirPower wireless charging in 2017. However, this wireless charger project was canceled in 2019 due to heating issues. Similar studies began to come from other brands.

So, what do you think about charging phones wirelessly through a laptop? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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