Is Apple having success with AirTag? – answered the analyst

The AirTag is one of the most useful tech accessories in recent years. If you are one of those joining the Apple ecosystem with an iPhone lost his habit You can use the AirTag accessory, which eliminates AirTags, which do not differ much from a key chain in appearance, make your belongings in the world. from almost anywhere Allows you to follow.

This little accessory, which works a little differently than the GPS technology we’re used to and offers user location tracking in a simplified way, is Apple’s latest accessory for 2021. most notable was one of their products. So how has AirTag benefited Apple from a business perspective? This question was answered by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Unionization Attempt by Apple Employees!

Unionization Attempt by Apple Employees!

Employees of major tech giants will be unionizing soon. Apple employees have finally been added to this caravan.

The Apple AirTag hasn’t slowed down since launch

According to Kuo’s report, AirTag has been increasing its sales since its launch in April 2021. Generally, after the launch of the product, its sales either decrease or start counting at some point. But the fact that AirTag is selling more and more is a huge success for Apple. The fact that it’s a simple accessory and doesn’t make you think too much when buying leaves no reason for people not to buy the AirTag.

Apple AirTag
Apple AirTag

The same report also included that it sold 20 million in 2021 and 35 million in 2022. Kuo also believes that the second generation AirTag will be released if sales continue this way. says.

AirTag, which can be used on the iPhone 11 and newer iPhones, is likely to offer features like more efficient battery life and louder sound in its second generation. It is still too early to talk about these features. Because the current generation is enough for most users second generation AirTag We don’t expect to see you soon.

Apple AirTag
Apple AirTag

In our country Between 429 – 500 TL AirTag, which you can buy at low prices, seems to be aimed mostly at protecting valuables. Although the purpose of use is different, as the prices are more affordable outside our country, the purpose of AirTag in Turkey is mainly for luxury goods.

Do you use AirTag?

You can click here to buy this product or see its current price.

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