Intel’s 13th generation processor has hit the black market without being unveiled!

It is expected to be announced next fall Intel 13.nesil Raptor Lake Information about this keeps coming. With Raptor Lake’s official announcement coming soon, Core i9-13900K An engineering prototype of the model has been released for sale online.

Intel Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake is second hand

The new Raptor Lake Series, Intel 7 This will be the last batch built on the compute node. The performance results for the Core i9-13900K that day, compared to the previous 13th generation model (Core i9-12900K), are almost 20% faster revealed this.

There have also been some leaks regarding the hardware specs of Intel’s new processor family. The company’s 13th generation processors higher CPU clock speed It was claimed that it would leave a thermal gap so that it could be obtained. The engineering example that hit the Internet revealed that such a gap does not exist.

13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake in Performance Test!

13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake in Performance Test!

The 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake ES is ready for performance testing against the Core i9-12900K. Both traders have their advantages.

A Chinese user who claims to have purchased an Intel Core i9-13900K from the black market has also shared technical details about the processor. According to testing with the CPU-Z program, the processor is up to 8 performance cores (Raptor Cove) ve up to 16 efficient cores (Gracemont), property.

The user also claims to have connected it to the Asus Z690 ROG Apex motherboard and successfully overclocked it. However, many important features are turned off in the CPU-Z program, so we don’t know if the CPU sold on the black market is really Raptor Lake.

chinese user, Intel Core i9-13900K for 2850 yuan (424 dollarsHe said he made a payment of about . However, this figure is well below the price that Intel will set. Although it is an engineered example of the product purchased on the black market, it is unlikely to cost less than $550.

We think Raptor Lake will innovate in many ways before it hits the market in October. However, it is still too early to see definitive results.

So what do you think of the 13th generation Intel processors? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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