Intel Raptor Lake passed the performance test!

Intel aims to continue its rise in the 12th generation Alder Lake family with the 13th generation Raptor Lake series. In fact, the test results between the i9-13900K (engineering sample) and the i9-12900KF that appeared today confirm this.

Intel achieved a nearly 30 percent increase with Raptor Lake!

Tech blogger Extreme Player, who shares on Chinese video streaming site Bilibili, has released a new benchmark. Here we see the i9-13900K from the Intel Raptor Lake family and the i9-12900K and i9-12900KF from the Alder Lake series.

Intel Raptor Lake performance tests

The processors were compared in CS: GO, Final Fantasy IX: Endwalker, PUBG, Forza Horizon 5, Far Cry 6, Red Dead Redemption 2, the Horizon Zero Dawn games and 3DMark performance tests using the same hardware. This system has a GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card, 32 GB DDR5 6400 MHz RAM and a 1500W power supply.

This time Intel succeeded!  ARC A750 beats RTX

This time Intel succeeded! ARC A750 beats RTX

Intel’s new graphics card, the ARC A750, managed to surpass the NVIDIA RTX 3060 models with its performance. Here are the details…

Looking at the first test in 3DMark, the i9-13900K performs up to 38 percent better than its predecessor, the i9-12900KF. Of course, this is the result when we include all cores. Because in the tests performed with the abandonment of the P, that is, the performance cores, this difference drops to a level of 2 percent.

Intel Raptor Lake performance tests

When we look at the gaming side, there is an average of 30 percent increase in almost 80 tests performed by changing the resolution and graphics settings. However, there are also tests where this value drops to 2 percent and exceeds 70 percent.

Intel Raptor Lake performance tests

For example, while there is an increase of up to 10.98 percent in Horizon Zero Dawn, this value can unexpectedly rise to 70 percent in RDR2. When we look at the overall average, there is an improvement of 11.65 percent in 4K tests, 21.84 percent in 2K and 27.99 percent in FHD.

Of course, it’s worth reminding again that the processor we’re seeing here is an engineering example. Also, it hasn’t been officially unveiled yet. Because the clock frequencies of the versions that will be on sale may be lower than what we encounter.

As far as we’ve seen in tests, the i9-13900K goes up to 5.5Ghz. In contrast, its predecessor and competitor, the i9-12900KF, is clocked at 4.9 GHz. But this chip can also go up to 5.2 GHz. Of course, its main competitor will be AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 series.

What do you think about the performance of the new Intel Raptor Lake series? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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