Intel Arc A380 does not support mining software

Video card manufacturers are developing new ways to prevent cryptocurrency miners from dominating the market. YouTuber DJ Mines tests software used in cryptocurrency mining with an Intel Arc A380. Claiming that the graphics card manufactured by Intel does not support mining software, a YouTuber posted a video on the subject.

Intel Arc A380 does not support mining software

Introduced in recent months, the Intel Arc A380 failed to meet expectations in performance tests. The Arc A380 model can play League of Legends at 4K resolution and maximum graphics settings. 135 FPS finished with

Intel Arc A380 does not support mining software

YouTuber DJ Mines tested the Intel Arc A380 with popular Ethereum mining software such as NicheHashMining, Trex miner, Lolminer and Teamreeminer. The YouTuber couldn’t run any software he tried with an Intel Arc A380 graphics card.

Nvidia RTX 4090 release date has passed

Nvidia RTX 4090 release date has passed

The release date of the flagship Nvidia RTX 4090, the technical characteristics of which were revealed in recent months, has passed.

Some miners have sold their graphics cards for Ethereum, whose value has fallen by about 70 percent in 2022. Demand for cryptocurrency mining has declined as video card manufacturers develop new methods to prevent mining activities.

The video card driver, specially developed by Nvidia, reduces the hashrate value of the devices during mining. However, this problem can be overcome with modified software. It is believed that Nvidia and AMD will similarly develop new methods to prevent mining on some graphics cards.

Due to the reduction in mining activities and the resolution of the supply problem to a large extent, the prices of graphics cards have decreased. It is believed that in the next 2 years, new models of graphics cards will be released at reasonable prices.

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