Indonesia bans Steam, PayPal and Epic Games

Indonesia has begun banning companies that do not comply with content moderation laws and licensing rules. Among these companies Yahoo, PayPal, Steam and Epic Games It was stated that there are popular services such as of Indonesia What will companies do now that don’t follow the rules?

Controversial ban of Steam and PayPal from Indonesia

With the new law passed in Indonesia, there are some obligations that companies that want to operate in the country must fulfill. By law, companies must register with the country’s database and remove content that “violates public order.” Indonesia too access to user data he wants too.


Google, Meta and Amazon It was stated that giant companies such as companies have followed these rules to operate in the country and have obtained a license by registering in the database. However Yahoo, PayPal and Steam Dozens of businesses, including businesses, appear not to be complying with the law.

Good news for Steam Deck: Is it coming to Turkey?

Good news for Steam Deck: Is it coming to Turkey?

According to Valve’s statement, Steam Deck’s production capacity has doubled. Will the portable console be available for purchase in Turkey?

Speaking to Reuters on the subject, Indonesian Communications Ministry official Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan said the door was open to all banned companies. Companies that don’t follow the rules can work with obtaining a license expressed.

Because access is banned by Valve (Steam of course) in the country Dota2 or Counter-Strike Popular games like Also due to Epic Games ban Fortnite servers are also disabled. Likewise, access to payments giant PayPal was shut down, leaving thousands of freelancers stranded.

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It is unclear whether giants such as PayPal, Epic Games and Valve will continue their operations in Indonesia. However, thousands of users have already started showing their reactions on Twitter. It should be noted that the companies have contacted the Indonesian government.

So what do you think about the Steam PayPal ban? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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