Important issue resolved with Play Store update!

Google released the Google Play system update in early August. After this update, some users reported problems accessing the “check for update” section of Google Play. After complaints from Android users, Google introduced a new update.

Google has fixed the update issue in the Play Store

Google seems to have fixed this issue with a new update to the Google Play Store. With the solution to this issue, users will now be able to check if their apps are up to date. In this way, Google prevented users from missing updates on the Play Store.

Google listened to the reactions!  The feature removed from the Play Store is back

Google listened to the reactions! The feature removed from the Play Store is back

Google has announced that the App Permissions section it decided to remove will be back after the backlash.

To check for Google Play system updates, you can go to the security section of your device settings. In this section, you can see the date your device received the Google Play system update. When you click on this part, the “Last Checked for Update” time will appear. At the same time, the current Android version and the “check for update” section will appear.

Due to the aforementioned bug, the Google Play Store system update option no longer functioned on Pixel devices. So users no longer have access to the “Check for Update” section. On the other hand, the Google Play system update option has completely disappeared from the security settings of third-party devices.

With the Google Play Store v31.9.20 update, this problem seems to be gone. After the update, Google Pixel and other Android users have the option to “check for updates” again.

Although it may seem simple, it is very important to keep your apps and phone up to date. Some app and device bugs have been fixed with the updates. In this way, smartphones and tablets are protected from malicious people and the user experience can be raised to a higher level.

Fortunately, Google acted quickly and was able to fix this problem in no time. So what do you think about the Google Play Store issue? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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