Iconic speakers from Marshall that stand out with sound quality

Marshall offers catchy speaker models with stylish and iconic designs for passionate music lovers. Distinguished by sound quality, Marshall appeals to consumers with different expectations with its home and portable series. Among Marshall’s product options are portable speaker models designed for those who want to take their music wherever they want.

What does the Marshall Home range offer?

Marshall brings a musical celebration into your home with the iconic loudspeakers from the same series, Acton II, Stanmore II and Woburn II. The Acton II model, which is the smallest in the home series, is ideal for use on a kitchen counter, bookshelf or windowsill with its compact dimensions. At the same time, using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, as in other products of the series, Acton II makes it possible to play your music in stereo sound without the need for cables.

Another product in the series, the Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth speaker has a design that looks good in any room, big or small, and changes the atmosphere of the space. The Stanmore II, which can be used by connecting to Marshall’s Bluetooth app, can easily switch between two Bluetooth-connected devices.

The Marshall Woburn II, the most magnificent model of the home series, stands out for its clear and lively sound range in low-frequency bass, while offering clear listening in high-frequency treble. In addition, the wooden construction of the model’s cabin helps to hear a warm and natural sound. In addition, all three models of the home series can be plugged into an RCA or 3.5 mm input and offer a wired connection.

Headphones Everyone Thinks Are Expensive: Marshall Major III - Review

Headphones Everyone Thinks Are Expensive: Marshall Major III – Review

In this video, we take a closer look at the Marshall Major III, which stands out for its iconic design, sonic performance and affordable price compared to its competitors.

20 hours of continuous music experience in the portable series!

Marshall uses next-generation technology in the portable speaker models it has developed for those who want to take their passion for music wherever they want. One of the most important models of the portable series Stockwell IIIt offers 6 hours of use with just 20 minutes of charging and more than 20 hours of use when fully charged.

The Stockwell II, which can be preferred regardless of location, has a solid texture with its silicone outer coating and steel front grille. There is also an IPX4 certificate, which confirms that the model is waterproof. Dot Design Award Winner Marshall Embertonmakes it easy for you to listen to music wherever you want with its high-end sound system. The model is distinguished by exquisite workmanship and balanced sound performance.

The speaker is also IPX7 certified for water resistance. It is distinguished by its lightness Marshall Kilburn IIoffers users more than 20 hours of gameplay. The model, which attracts attention with its compact size and guitar-inspired carrying strap, has an area on the top panel that allows you to monitor the amount of charge remaining. Kilburn II with Bluetooth 5.0 also attracts attention with its continuous operation up to 10 meters from your smart device.

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