I wish we had it too: PayPal offers cryptocurrency support!

PayPal has heard the demand of its customers for a long time and has provided support for cryptocurrencies. Thus, he explained that users can now transfer coins such as Bitcoin to other wallets and exchanges that they use through their accounts.

PayPal has listened to customers and added cryptocurrency support!

PayPal announced that starting today, its users will be able to actively use blockchain, crypto and other types of digital money through their accounts. Of course, since his application for a license to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) was rejected in 2016, he decided to withdraw from Turkey. Therefore, we are currently unable to use this service.

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Jose Fernandez da Ponte, the company’s senior vice president and general manager of crypto and digital money, said in a statement on the topic:

This feature has been the most requested feature by our users since we started buying crypto on our platform. If users have cryptocurrency elsewhere and want to consolidate it, they can transfer it to PayPal from external addresses. They can also send crypto to anyone who is in PayPal’s system.

What is a hot and cold wallet in cryptocurrency?

What is a hot and cold wallet in cryptocurrency?

Electronic storage of cryptocurrencies is possible. So what is the difference between these so-called cold and hot crypto wallets?

Thanks to this new feature, all users will now be able to collect their crypto money in their PayPal account. It can also be used as an investment and payment instrument. Also, according to the company’s claim, transfers take place in seconds.

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