Huge investment from Bosch! It will radically solve the chip crisis

One of the companies that made high-level investments against the chip crisis Bosch will be. According to the company’s official statement, chip market in Europe It plans to invest $3 billion in factories and research centers for expansion

Bosch announces $3 billion chip investment for Europe

The Bosch Technology Day 2022 event presented new investments in chip manufacturing. According to the company’s latest statement, $3 billion in investment by 2026 is scheduled to be done. Planning to establish a research center in two different cities in Germany, Bosch will add 3,000 square meters to its Dresden factory.


Bosch, $3 billion fund IPCEI Project He said he would get it from the German government The company, which wants to implement the $400 million investment in existing factories, plans to install new cleanroom systems at its production facilities.

The chip crisis is doping on Samsung's revenue!  The record has grown

The chip crisis is doping on Samsung’s revenue! The record has grown

Samsung’s sales increased last quarter. Unable to get the desired result from the smartphone, Samsung made a strong impression with the success of its chip.

Bosch did not say specifically to which sector it will transfer the funds it will receive in Germany, but it appears to want to invest in semiconductor chips aimed at the automotive market. During the presentation, the company emphasized more on a new generation of microprocessors in 3nm/5nm architecture. 40nm to 200nm architecture mentioned.

Speaking about the investments that will be made in Europe until 2026, the Chairman of the Board of Bosch Dr. Stefan Hartung stated:

Europe can and should use its strengths in semiconductor manufacturing. The aim should be to produce chips for the specific needs of European industry. This doesn’t just mean chips at the low end of the nanoscale (talking about the next generation of microprocessors).

Bosch too next-generation microchip-supported systems It will also spend money on innovations such as In particular, it will explore radar sensors on autonomous vehicles that scan the environment. The company plans to make these sensors much cheaper.

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