How Hz is the monitor? Learn monitor refresh rate (2022)

Monitor refresh rateis an important factor to pay attention to, especially if you enjoy playing eSports like CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege. Well with just a few steps follow Hz training how to do it

Monitor or screen refresh rate in hertz (Hz) it is measured and means how fast it can refresh the image it displays. For example, if you have a 144 Hz monitor, the screen refreshes 144 times per second. Therefore, higher Hz values ​​provide a smoother experience.

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How do I change the screen off time? [Android – iPhone]

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How to learn the Hz (refresh rate) of the monitor?

monitorscan have different properties depending on their purpose. However, if refresh rate is the problem, many people, from gamers to designers, should pay attention. Some monitors may not support 144 Hz and 240 Hz or may require a video card to do so.

Especially electronic sports games produced for gaming monitors Although it comes with a 240Hz refresh rate, it should be noted that it doesn’t always use the highest refresh rate automatically. For example, most laptop screens are set to 60Hz to save battery, even though they support 144Hz.

It is possible to find out how many Hz the screen or monitor you are using is in a few steps. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Right-click on the Windows main screen and select “”Display settingsGo to “.
  • Step 2: From the left side menu column “screenSelect ”.
  • Step 3: After accessing the screen tab, at the bottom of the “Advanced display settingsGo to the tab “.
  • Step 4: At the bottom “refresh rateYou will see that it is titled. The value recorded in the refresh rate table indicates how many Hz your screen is.

If your display supports different refresh rates (most come with 60 Hz as standard, but can support 144 Hz or 240 Hz), you can change it according to your usage habits.

No: Windows 7 or Windows expi If you use it, you need to go to the control panel from the Start menu. In the control panel “Appearance and PersonalizationYou can control the refresh rate by clicking the “Display” tab under the “.

Is a high refresh rate better on a monitor?

Technically high refresh rate is better because it offers a smooth image in terms of use. But just because a monitor has a high refresh rate doesn’t always mean it’s better. The difference between the Hz values ​​can be important depending on the work you will be doing.


If you’re a standard user in the tech world (checking your email, surfing the web, using Office products), you need 60 Hz monitor will be.

Also in deciding the refresh rate your other equipment you should also consider. For example, if your video card supports 100 FPS and you use it with a 60Hz monitor, you may experience screen stuttering. The same will happen as a result of using a 30-60 FPS video card with a 120 Hz monitor.

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