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Happy Ring, which monitors mental health, reported

Wearable technology continues to evolve. Dr. Known as Dustin Freckleton and the founder of Tinder by Sean Rudd new venture Happy Health announced its first product. Happy ring Thanks to the smart ring called, mood and stress level can be tracked.

Smart ring Happy Ring features and price

Receiving $60 million in funding in the past year Happy healthlaunches its first product. Using biometric sensors and artificial intelligence, the Happy Ring aims to monitor the wearer’s mood and measure their stress level.

According to the company’s statement, in the smart ring electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor. exists. The smart ring also has four electrodes suitable for human skin, four lights, accelerometer and two temperature sensor is found. In this way, it monitors the changing stress level. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, can create your “mental scorecard.”

Tinder Sues Apple!

Tinder Sues Apple!

Dating app Tinder is suing Apple. The tech giant, on the other hand, has been fined multiple times for a similar issue.

According to Sean Rudd’s statement, Happy Ring, to manage your stress ve to improve your mood Will help. He also said that they will present scientifically proven exercises to the user through artificial intelligence.

Happy Health co-founder Paul Burns said: “While there are plenty of wearables out there to help you on your fitness journey, they tend to overlook the impact it has on the mind and overall wellbeing. “Being able to measure and understand our emotional state will help us identify habits that lead to better health.”

The Happy Ring waiting list is also open. Users who pre-pay for the ring will have priority; It will be available with a monthly, annual or 24-month subscription. If the subscription prices are $30 per month, $24 per year ve $20 for 24 months around.

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