Google wants to remove Tinder from the Play Store

long-standing Google and Tinder It turned out that a new decision had been made in obscurity. Developer of apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Hinge Matching groupmay be permanently removed from the Play Store.

Will Google Kick Tinder Match Group Owner From Play Store?

Tensions continue to escalate between the dating app giant and Google. Google claims Match Group unfairly took advantage of their apps and didn’t pay the Play Store in return.

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In the infringement case with the developer of Tinder, Google took Match Group Permission to remove from Play Store wanted. So does the software giant Tinder, OkCupid and Hinge He sought financial compensation, targeting the unfair profits from such practices.

Sherbet according to the pulse: Google made a victim of Tinder

Sherbet according to the pulse: Google made a victim of Tinder

Google and Match Group have reached an agreement. Tinder will be able to use its own system instead of the Play Store’s payment system.

First, last May, Match Group filed a lawsuit against Google. Game store monopoly for android Match, which said it has become a business and apps act accordingly, does not want to use Google’s in-app payment system.

The developer too Google commissions He said it was “excessive”. However, stating that these claims are not true and that they apply the same rules to all developers, Google responded by filing a lawsuit against the rumors.

Earlier Spotify and the developer of Fortnite Epic games It was also taken up by Google and Apple over similar claims. The applications of these two companies 15 to 30 percent commission It should be noted that he received

The future of other dating apps belonging to the Match Group, especially Tinder, is uncertain for now. However, the company did not fail to remind that “Match Group” had already concluded a contract with them.

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