Google Play Store gets a new logo

The Google Play logo was last changed in 2016. We think that Google, which has been using this logo without changing it for the past 6 years, thinks it’s time to make a change. Although the triangular shape and general theme are retained in the new logo, the changes made stand out.

Play Store gets a new logo

Although the Google Play Store logo continues its triangular shape, we can say that the corners are more rounded compared to the old logo. Also, the four colors in the logo are now closer to the colors that symbolize Google. We can see that the blue and green colors have clearly acquired a darker tone.

App Store vs Play Store spending race!  Here is the result

App Store vs Play Store spending race! Here is the result

Statistics have emerged on the spending of the application market in the first half of 2022. The results have attracted attention in the world of the App Store and Play Store.

In addition, the blue triangle section, which was much larger in the old logo, is slightly smaller in the new version. Thus, the size of the blue part approaches other colors. At this stage, however, there are only small images of the new logo.

The new logo appears in both GPay and Google Pay when you perform an action in the Play Store, such as adding credit to the account. We still don’t know when the new logo will be used. In other parts of the app, the old logo still serves.

Therefore, we can say that Google has not yet officially started using the new Play Store logo. There is also no clear information on when the new logo will be used in other parts of the app. Google may also want to symbolize the new era in the Play Store with the new logo.

As you know, sections like Play Books, Movies and TV in the Play Store have been removed, announcing that the Play Store will focus entirely on Android apps. Let’s see when Google will present us with the all-new logo?

So what do you think of the new logo? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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