Google Play Games is now available in two more countries

Google introduced the Play Games platform, which offers Android games on the Windows operating system to mobile game lovers. Google Play Games, which is still in beta, is active in 2 more countries.

Google Play Games Beta will peak in 2022

Mobile games can also be played on PCs thanks to virtualization software like Nox and BlueStacks. Virtualization software, although a good alternative, cannot fully meet expectations in terms of stability.

4 new games added to GeForce NOW!

4 new games added to GeForce NOW!

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service continues to offer new games every week. Here are the 4 added games!

Developed for users who want to play mobile games in a desktop environment, Google Play Games works in harmony with hardware such as keyboard and mouse. Thanks to the Google Play Games platform, users have seamless synchronization between devices and integration with Google Play Points.

Google Play Games Beta will peak in 2022

Thailand and Australia have also been added to the beta program, which launched in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Saying that access to more countries will open in 2022, Google has not yet released the version of the macOS operating system.

Play Games offers users who sign in with their Google Accounts the ability to pick up where they left off in the games they play on their mobile devices. The company announced that it has also increased security controls in mobile games with the Google Play Games platform.

The minimum system requirements on Google’s official website are as follows;

  • Windows 10 (v2004)
  • SSD drive
  • Gaming GPU
  • 8 processor cores
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 20GB available storage
  • Windows administrator account
  • Hardware virtualization must be enabled

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