From SOL Coin to Smartphone: Solana Saga

Solana, the company behind SOL Coin, which you may know from the cryptocurrency market, is trying different things. To date, we have seen many times that crypto money platforms have gone out of their domain. While Solana isn’t the first company to make a difference, it did announce a somewhat unrelated project. Saga Solana The eponymous smartphone seems to have already caught the attention of cryptocurrency investors.

iPhone that fell in the river was removed after 10 months: Does it work?

iPhone that fell in the river was removed after 10 months: Does it work?

The iPhone has once again proven successful in terms of water resistance. The iPhone, which had been in the river for 10 months, worked again when it was taken out.

Solana Saga aims to be the investor phone

The device, which does not differ from a regular phone in terms of features and design, also carries a salty price. But with this price flagship We can see that the features are also available on the device. The features of the device, which was previously introduced as the Osom OV1, became clear after the name change:

  • Screen: 6.67 inches, OLED
  • Processor: Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1
  • RAM and Storage: 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage

Although only so many of the features are clear, we can easily tell that it has the power of a flagship. Solana Saga has the most powerful Snapdragon processor and other known features are top notch. The price of Saga 999 dollars, Before paying this price, you must pay a $99 pre-order deposit. In other words, we can say that the same price is carried as iPhone.

Saga Solana
Saga Solana

Believing that this device will make the world of crypto money more compatible with mobile devices, Solana also made references to Apple at the launch. Since the launch of Bitcoin all these years Despite the past, the fact that Apple hasn’t announced any innovations regarding cryptocurrencies prompted Solana to design this phone. It was said that the feature that sets the phone apart from other Android phones is that it can run decentralized applications. It’s hard to say what that means right now, but it sounds exciting.

Solana’s Saga in early 2023 The information that it will be released on the market was also shared. We can’t wait to hear what else Solana Saga has in store, even though we don’t have much time left. Because your phone Different from other Android phones Doesn’t seem like a logical choice unless it’s serious.

Saga Solana
Saga Solana

Solana Saga will not be released in our country according to the information at the moment. It will only be sold in the US, Canada, UK and European countries. If he comes to us instead of an iPhone would you buy this phone

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