File sharing just got easier with Nearby Sharing

Google has developed a feature that will make it easier to share files between Android and ChromeOS devices. a competitor to Apple AirDrop Share nearby application, Self sharing (Self-sharing) support. This way you will be able to share files even when the devices screen is off.

No permissions will be needed to share files with Nearby Share

Google has made it easy to share files between devices using the same Google Account. Available on Android and ChromeOS devices Nearby sharing app will no longer ask for permission when sharing files. This way, it will be easier to transfer files and you will be able to transfer even when the screen is off.

Google about two years ago Apple AirDrop as a competitor Nearby Share’i presented. The software, which facilitates file sharing between devices, developed by Google, asked permission for each device during the transfer. This situation was particularly troublesome for users who wanted to share between their own devices.

Google's smart watch showed up on the boss's arm!

Google’s smart watch showed up on the boss’s arm!

The long-awaited Pixel Watch was shown on the wrist of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who attended a conference.

New to share nearby Self sharing feature will eliminate this situation. You no longer need to approve each sharing request individually. Devices signed in to the same Google Account automatic file transfer I can do.

It should be noted that a similar feature is already available in Apple AirDrop. In other words, to send files between two Apple devices, it is enough that the devices are in Wi-Fi range with Bluetooth. As you can imagine, this makes transferring files quite easy.

Share nearby

To share nearby Self sharing While the feature hasn’t been officially confirmed, it’s not yet release date not shared. We expect it to be available for Android and ChromeOS devices in the coming months.

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