FIFA 23 was accidentally released a month ago!

This will be EA Sports’ last FIFA game FIFA 23 The curious wait continues. However, some players claimed that the game was unlocked almost a month ago. Players who managed to get into FIFA 23 early have leaked Ultimate Team stats and unannounced kits.

FIFA 23 Unlocked Early: Kits, Players Revealed

September 27 FIFA 23, which will be officially available on Ultimate Edition’ı accidentally distributed to users who purchased it. Pre-ordered the game Xbox owners were able to log into FIFA 23. More interestingly, some people say they are playing matches and Ultimate Team’e They said they got it.

Players who made it into Ultimate Team shared the stats of some popular soccer players. For example, the 37-year-old star of Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo’nun Dexterity reduced to 81 points. In FIFA 22 it was level 87. Dribbling and passing points have also been reduced.

FIFA 23 accidentally went on sale for 1 lira!

FIFA 23 accidentally went on sale for 1 lira!

Electronic Arts made a big mistake in India by selling the FIFA 23 game for Rs 4.80 at a discount of 99.98 percent.

In addition to player stats, some unpopular club jerseys also appeared. For example, a FIFA 23 early access player shared the third team of Liverpool and Burnley (most likely away) on Twitter.

In the last leak List of FIFA 23 soundtracks even published. Also, one player has leaked the entire Liverpool roster. This Xbox bug seems to upset EA Games’ marketing strategy.

Earlier, Electronic Arts made a big mistake in India. FIFA 23’ü Rs 4.80 in exchange for a sale. This amount corresponds to 1.09 TL at today’s exchange rate. Although the company that noticed this bug fixed it in a short time, there were many people who bought FIFA 23 at this price.

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