FIFA 23 is on sale at 99.98 percent off!

to be released soon FIFA 23 The wait begins. Pre-orders are now open for the highly anticipated game. The cost of pre-ordering the new game varies by region, but in our country 699.99 TL defined as.

FIFA 23 accidentally sold at a discount of 99.98 percent

In India, Electronic Arts made a big mistake and released FIFA 23. 4.80 percent in exchange for a sale. This amount is approximately at today’s exchange rate. 1.09 TLCorresponds to. Although the company noticed this error and fixed it in a short time, FIFA 23It is said that there are many people who buy .

FIFA 23 gameplay video released

FIFA 23 gameplay video released

A video has been released with the game FIFA 23. Electronic Arts has developed HyperMotion technology for more realistic animations.

The normal pricing of the game in India is 3499 crores The Ultimate Edition is priced at Rs 4,799 (TL 1,085). The game which happened to be open for pre-order for Rs 4.80 crore FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition It is also useful to recall that Comparing these two sums, the game of some lucky ones with 99.98 percent discount We can tell you got it.

EA Sports After the mispricing, he shared a statement. From those who bought FIFA 23 with 99.98 percent discount additional fee While announcing that they will not seek claims, the company did not disclose how many people were injured in the situation. The company’s statement included the following statements:

“We scored a pretty spectacular own goal a few weeks ago by accidentally offering FIFA 23 on the Epic Games Store at the wrong pre-order price. This was an error on our part and we would like to inform you that we have confirmed all pre-purchases at this price.

Along with FIFA 23 EA Sports and FIFA parting ways. However, this does not mean that EA will give up on football games. The company that will continue to make soccer games from now on EA Sports FC will use your name. On the other hand, FIFA is determined to continue the world of games. However International Association of Football AssociationsThere is still no clear information on how to do this.

FIFA 23, on September 30 comes to market. Before that date, in our country FIFA 23It won’t be bad in . So what do you think of FIFA 23? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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