Features of LG OLED Flex LX3

The IFA 2022 event continues to host new technologies. LG introduced the OLED Flex LX3 model, which stands out for its features. The screen, which can be used both flat and curved, exceeds expectations.

LG, one of the leading companies in display technology, made its mark at IFA 2022. With its self-illuminating OLED technology, the company attracts attention with its high image quality.

42-inch LG OLED Flex LX3 unveiled! Here are the specs

Saying that it has ushered in a new era in screen customization, the company emphasized that the model it developed can be converted into a curved 900R screen. Users will be able to adjust the display by choosing one of 20 different curvature levels.

42-inch LG OLED Flex LX3 unveiled!  Here are the specs

The foldable 42-inch screen can offer a personalized experience. Users can manually change the curvature of the LX3 to one of two preset settings or in 5 percent increments over 20 settings. The LG OLED Flex screen can be tilted towards the user or 10 degrees away from it.

First in the world from Samsung!  A QD-OLED gaming monitor is available

First in the world from Samsung! A QD-OLED gaming monitor is available

The specifications and price of the Odyssey G8QNB, which will be sold by Samsung in the next period, are out.

The display is said to have unlimited contrast, accurate colors (100 percent color accuracy tested) and a response time of 0.1 milliseconds. Introduced with the 9th generation α (Alpha) processor, the device is supported by unique imaging algorithms.

The device’s Super Anti-Reflective (SAR) coating reduces visual distraction so users can focus on the screen. However, the company states that the device is certified for reflection and vibration.

Adding features for gamers, LG announced that the screen can be resized to 42, 32 or 27 inches with software. The feature, called resizing, can be edited from the device’s gamepad menu.

The Game Optimizer feature developed by LG for the LG OLED Flex has sound customization settings for certain types of games. The game sound settings panel includes an equalizer, settings for AI Game Sound and Dolby Atmos, as well as advanced sound options.

The presented model has 2 Dolby Atmos certified 40W speakers. The monitor, which has a 120Hz screen refresh rate in 4K resolution, has HDMI 2.1 technology.

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