Expect Death Stranding Game Pass worth 399 TL!

Released as a PlayStation exclusive in 2019, Death Stranding is finally here PC Game Pass are added. Coming to Windows PCs in 2020 Death Strandingwill be added to the Xbox Game Pass library for PC next week.

Death Stranding will be added to PC Game Pass on August 23rd

505 Games, who are responsible for the PC version of Death Stranding, gave the news that will make Game Pass subscribers happy. Made by famous game designer Hideo Kojima, August 23 It will be available from Microsoft’s subscription service from

505 Games director of global community Antonella Pounder said in a statement that Windows 10 and Windows players can play Death Stranding. But interestingly, the version has been added to PC Game Pass There will be no Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

Keep carrying the load: Death Stranding 2 is coming!

Keep carrying the load: Death Stranding 2 is coming!

When is Death Stranding 2 coming out? Interesting explanations for Death Stranding 2 came from the main character of the game.

It should be noted that Death Stranding will only be available to PC Game Pass subscribers starting August 23rd. So it won’t be available for Xbox consoles or Xbox Game Pass. It should also be noted that the game has not yet been released for Xbox consoles. PC Game Pass from 29.99 TL per month To tell you that it is offered.

Hideo Kojima’s hit game has been available on PS Plus for a long time. Both the original version and the director’s cut of the game PlayStation Plus You can try with a subscription.

Death Stranding, one of Hideo Kojima’s most interesting games, may be getting ready for a sequel. Norman Reedus, the protagonist of the first game, Death Stranding 2 aroused curiosity. “We just started the second one,” he said.

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