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DxOMark reveals the phones with the best cameras!

Activity in the smartphone industry continues at full speed. This competition, which has increased with the introduction of the Galaxy S22, iPhone SE 2022 and Xiaomi 12 models in recent months, has begun to mobilize manufacturers with a relatively smaller market share. Finally, by testing the models and comparing them according to certain standards, DxOMark announced the smartphones with the best camera. Request phones with the best cameras

Top Selling Smartphone Brands in Q1 2022 Announced!

Top Selling Smartphone Brands in Q1 2022 Announced!

The analysis company Canalys announced the best-selling smartphone manufacturers in the first quarter of this year. Samsung stood out on the list.

Phones with the best camera

According to DxOMark, the smartphone with the best camera performance presented in March Honor Magic 4 Ultimate it happened. The average score of the model, which received 153 points for photography, 107 points for zooming and 117 points for video, is 146. The Huawei P50 Pro model, which was in the leading position for a long time and gave way to the Magic 4 Ultimate, received 149 points for photography, 107 points for zoom and 116 points for video, and ranked second with an average of 144 points, found its place in the ordinary.

Third on the list is the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, which was introduced last year. Since the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has not yet been presented, it is the company’s most successful model on the camera side. Smartphone; It scored 148 for photography, 100 for zoom and 117 for video. The average score is 143.

According to DxOMark, the list of smartphones with the best camera is as follows; (Average)

  1. Honor Magic 4 Ultimate – 146 points
  2. Huawei P50 Pro – 144 points
  3. Xiaomi 11 Ultra – 143 Ms
  4. Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ – 139 points
  5. iPhone 13 Pro – 137 ladies
  6. iPhone 13 Pro Max – 137 Ms
  7. Huawei Mate 40 Pro – 136 points
  8. Google Pixel 6 Pro – 135ms
  9. vivo X70 Pro+ – 135 Ms
  10. Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders 133 Mrs
  11. Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra 133 Mrs
  12. Google Pixel 6 – 132 ms
  13. Huawei P40 Pro – 132 points
  14. Honor Magic4 Pro – 131 ladies
  15. OPPO Find X3 Pro – 131 points
  16. Galaxy S22 Ultra (Snapdragon) – 131 fabrics
  17. Galaxy S22 Ultra (Exynos) 131 Mrs
  18. vivo X70 Pro (MediaTek) – 131 ladies
  19. vivo X50 Pro+ – 131 ladies
  20. Xiaomi 12 Pro – 131 Ms
  21. iPhone 13 – 130 women’s
  22. iPhone 13 mini – 130 women’s
  23. iPhone 12 Pro Max – 130 madam
  24. Google Pixel 6a – 130 points
  25. iPhone 12 Pro – 128 Ms

So what do you think about this? Which do you think is the most successful smartphone from the camera side? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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