Documents Please mobile is coming! Here is the release date

Announced about nine years ago, it managed to become one of the players’ favorite productions. Documents, please mobile comes into the world. According to the statement made by the developer Lucas Pope, on August 5, Android and iOS players will be able to enjoy the puzzle simulation.

How to play Papers, Please on mobile?

Papers, Please launched on Steam on August 8, 2013. The simulation game developed by Lucas Pope will be playable on mobile devices 9 years later. In a statement on Twitter, the game Android and iOS on August 5 He said it would be offered.

The image shared by the developer includes both Android and iPhone images, and Papers, Please is believed to have a similar interface on mobile devices. But Papers will probably be simpler in the mobile version of Please.

Another game has announced that it is banning NFTs

Another game has announced that it is banning NFTs

Minecraft developer Mojang has announced that it has banned NFT and blockchain technology from game servers. Here are the details.

Documents please read the text, Arstotska He works in border control in a fictional country called Various upheavals are happening in the country, which is ruled by a very strong communist system. The player who takes on the role of a border guard must check the documents of people who want to enter Arstotzka.

Although the task may seem simple, after a while you may find that things go wrong in Papers, Please. For example, even bringing the wrong person into the country can ruin your entire business.

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According to developer Lucas Pope, the mobile version is back an indie game will be shared. In short, it’s up to Pope to get new updates and add new features.

So what do you think of the mobile version of Papers Please? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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