Days Gone movie begins development

Sony continues to bring its exclusive PlayStation games to the big screen. According to new information Sony Picturesdeveloped by Bend Studios and released for PS4 in 2019 Gone are the days greenlighted the film.

Days Gone Movie Plot and Vision Date?

According to a new report from Deadline, it has been released first for PlayStation 4 and then for PC. survival game Days gone movie happens. It has been stated that Sony Pictures has started meeting with several actors. Among these names, we know him for his role as Jamie Fraser in Outlander. Sam Heughan there is also


Sony has reportedly tapped Sam Heughan for the lead role (Deacon St. John in the role) wants to see. Interestingly, the facial features of the actor are very similar to the character of Days Gone, so we can say that he is quite suitable for the role.

Microsoft agreed: PlayStation surpassed Xbox

Microsoft agreed: PlayStation surpassed Xbox

The winner of the battle for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been revealed. According to Microsoft, sales of the One are lagging well behind the PS4.

The screenplay of the film Days Gone is nominated for an Oscar, which we know from productions like X-Men: First Class and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sheldon Turner will belong. Screenwriter Turner will executive produce the film with Jennifer Klein.

Set in a world overrun by zombie-like creatures, Days Gone received generally positive reviews. However, a well-known name in the gaming industry, Jason Schreier, Days gone by 2’nin He claims it was rejected by Sony. The game’s CEOs, Jeff Ross and John Garvin, have left PlayStation Studios.

Among the PlayStation games brought to the big screen to date Uncharted ve Grand Touring There are productions like (2023). Furthermore Ghost of Tsushima movie and The Last of Us series We remind you that new remarkable projects are coming.

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