Corsair have integrated Nvidia features into their software

Corsair, which is one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to player hardware and developing software solutions for publishers, NVIDIA Broadcast integrates technology into its hardware and iCUE software. Artificial intelligence improvements have also been added to Elgato’s audio and video software, Wave Link and Camera Hub.

Creators and gamers with GeForce RTX GPUs will benefit from NVIDIA Broadcast AI enhancements for CORSAIR and Elgato microphones and cameras; It can be used to enhance live broadcasts, voice chats and video conference calls.

Nvidia RTX 4090 release date has passed

Nvidia RTX 4090 release date has passed

The release date of the flagship Nvidia RTX 4090, the technical characteristics of which were revealed in recent months, has passed.

Corsair software powered by artificial intelligence

NVIDIA Broadcast integration enables CORSAIR iCUE and Elgato Wave Link AI-powered noise cancellation and room echo cancellation for a clearer, sharper audio experience.

Noise reduction in Elgato Wave Link was developed as a Virtual Studio (VST) technology. Users can use this effect on a wide variety of audio platforms, as well as compatible creative applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve.

Running on tensor cores in GeForce RTX GPUs, the new features use artificial intelligence to identify users’ voices, distinguishing them from other ambient sounds. In this way, the quality of voice and video calls is significantly improved. Background noises are blocked and the speaker’s voice is crystal clear. Radiation also eliminates room echoes, providing studio-quality acoustics in a wide variety of environments without the need for soundproof walls or ceilings.

CORSAIR integration includes a new version of these features that can separate body sounds. This improvement includes features like muting someone who forgot to mute during video calls.

These broadcast features are available across almost the entire range of CORSAIR headphones. Elgato, for content creators, noise cancellation can now be enabled in the Wave Link app. This Wave microphone allows the use of XLR microphones, thanks to the Elgato Wave XLR, as well as improved sound with artificial intelligence for users.

Video effects with artificial intelligence

NVIDIA Broadcast video technologies integrated into the Elgato Camera Hub include the Virtual Background feature.

AI-enhanced filters powered by GeForce RTX GPUs offer better edge detection, using only a webcam to create a high-quality image similar to that produced by a DSLR camera.

Supported effects include blurring and replacing the background with a video or still image, eliminating the need for a green screen. Background blur and background replacement are now available in Elgato Camera Hub. Content creators can apply AI effects directly to Facecam or to studio cameras using Cam Link 4K.

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