Controversial change in Google Play Store

Malicious people take control of smartphones with apps they publish on the App Store and Google Play Store. Google Play Store provides the data security feature instead of the app permissions tab that users often check.

Google Play Store removes app permissions tab

The security of personal data has become one of the most important issues in the virtual world today. App stores are still not secure enough for malware that breaches data.

Google wants to remove Tinder from the Play Store

Google wants to remove Tinder from the Play Store

The tension between Tinder and Google is growing. Google has requested permission to remove the dating app from the Play Store.

The Google Play Store, which has undergone a redesign in recent months, has announced its feature called Data Security. The data protection feature announced in May will be mandatory for all app developers from July 20.

Google Play Store removes app permissions tab
New design published by Google Play Store

The Data Security section that allows users to learn about the application is prepared by the application developers. In the new design, the App Permissions tab has been replaced by the Data Protection tab. Some users reacted to Google removing the app permissions section.

App permissions are created automatically with the tool developed by Google. Google reviews the apps that developers have installed and provides information about what permissions they need.

Analysts stressed that a security vulnerability could occur due to the fact that the data protection feature was created by the developers. Google has announced that developers will be penalized if the declared information is false.

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