Canon will offer an interactive VR experience!

Canontoday’s first immersive virtual reality experience Canon Kokomo introduced the software. Kokomo emerged as a software platform designed to transform human communication by combining virtual reality with an immersive search experience.

This innovative software provides users with a compatible Canon The camera is designed to find a way to meet friends and family virtually face-to-face using a VR headset and a compatible smartphone. Kokomoprovides a world-class virtual reality environment in places like Malibu, New York or Hawaii.

Canon is on the agenda with a $5 million printer lawsuit

Canon is on the agenda with a $5 million printer lawsuit

Canon, one of the most famous printer brands, faced a lawsuit for 5 million dollars in damages on the grounds that it had misled the consumer.

Canon Kokomo feels like a face-to-face interaction instead of an avatar

Application for creating realistic examples for users Canon use of cameras and imaging technology. That’s why calls make you feel like you’re interacting with them 100 percent, not a screen or an avatar. This creates a realistic experience of togetherness.

canon-interactive-vr-experience offer

“With Kokomo, we’re leveraging Canon’s innovative spirit and heritage of high-quality imaging to enable people to experience real, authentic interactions when they come together in VR. Every ImmersiveCall should be an unforgettable experience. Kokomo will enable people to create memorable, meaningful connections.”

Kazuto Ogawa, President and CEO of Canon

CES participants Canon RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye where the lens will be ImmersiveCall at the time of Canon Kokomo He is among the first to try the software. kokomo 2022 Sold in. Finally, the company plans to add new goals, features and functions to the Kokomo app, along with expanded compatibility with Canon cameras.

Presented AMLOS hybrid working solution

Canon development collaboration tool today AMLOSenter . The tool is built to help create an engaging hybrid work experience. The development of the AMLOS solution stems from the challenges of telecommuting over the past two years.

A few months after the pandemic Canon ABD’Teams in the US, like many in American office culture, have begun to experience firsthand some of the challenges of remote work. To keep colleagues connected on a deeper level AMLOS a solution appeared.

canon-interactive-vr-experience offer

“Over the past two years, we’ve become very familiar with remote work and realize that hybrid teams need a great way to collaborate. We aim to alleviate the pain points of group interaction with AMLOS and single camera in this effort as well Microsoft We are a pleasure to work with.”

Kazuto Ogawa, President and CEO of Canon USA

AMLOS software Canonand 4K ve HD creating image quality CR-N300 ve CR-N500 PTZ It works with cameras. Image processing power and speed, 4K UHD video acquisition, image stabilization and precision Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus provides. These features can clearly capture detailed images such as writing on a whiteboard.

canon-interactive-vr-experience offer

software, Microsoft Teams ve Azure working with. Businesses that use Teams for instant messaging, video conferencing and file storage and Azure for cloud services, AMLOS have the opportunity to increase productivity by using the solution’s intuitive collaboration software.

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