Canon Unveils Video-Focused EOS R5C!

Canon, one of the first companies that comes to mind when it comes to the world of cameras, continues to produce professional products. This time, the company comes up with a product that is more suitable for shooting movies. In this context, he developed his own camera, the Canon EOS R5.

Canon will offer an interactive VR experience!

Canon will offer an interactive VR experience!

Canon announced two new technologies as part of CES 2022. While one of them was on VR, the other was AMLOS technology.

The EOS R5C is designed to shoot Full Frame internal 8K RAW video.

Canon introduced the device as an improved version of its product, the EOS R5. The only difference in the name of the EOS R5C, the letter “C”, has been added to emphasize that the machine is oriented towards cinema. The most obvious difference between the two machines seems to be the in-body image stabilization. It also has a cooling system to prevent overheating during long-term shooting.

The video-focused EOS R5C can shoot 8K at up to 60fps in 12-bit RAW LT format. This quality footage can last for 20 minutes without interruption. Also capable of shooting at 8K/60fps indefinitely, the camera can shoot RAW 5.9K/60p with Super 35mm crop, 2.9K/120p with Super 16 crop and 4K up to 120fps without crop and full AF. It can work.

Although the device is video oriented, it is quite capable of photography as well. The EOS R5C features a full-frame 45-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and a shutter speed of 20fps in electronic shutter mode. The camera features Canon’s Dual Pixel autofocus system and subject tracking for both stills and video.

The EOS R5C can record 8K 60 FPS video in Cinema Raw Light format. In addition to the ability to shoot in HDR, the device also offers support for Canon Log 3. When the device is put into photo mode, the menu and buttons change. Other features of the device include vehicle detection, microphones, a timecode terminal for multi-camera shooting, a DC connector for uninterruptible power supply, and dual card slots.

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