Cannot steal data from Samsung repair mode phone

When you take your smartphone in for repair, you may be concerned about the privacy of your information. However Samsungseems to have found a creative solution to this problem. Newly released by Samsung in South Korea Repair modeensures that only requested data is accessible.

What is Samsung Repair Mode and how to use it?

The Korean tech giant has developed a new security feature. According to the company statement Repair mode Once activated, even the person repairing the phone cannot access the data. It ensures that the sensitive data on the Galaxy phone is locked and only the specified data can be accessed.

“When sending their phones in for repair, customers can choose what information they want to leave open using Samsung Repair Mode,” Samsung said in a statement about the new feature. new feature Settings > Battery & device care will be activated via the menu.

Is Samsung giving up on Exynos?  The description has arrived

Is Samsung giving up on Exynos? The description has arrived

This is the first time Samsung has made such a clear statement on the subject. So is Samsung giving up on Exynos processors?

Most users who send their smartphones in for repair, theft of personal information or you are worried about being exposed. But at least for Samsung Galaxy users, it seems possible to avoid this worry now.

Thanks to Repair Mode, you can hide your information on the phone. For example, if you want to keep the images and videos on your smartphone private, you can close your gallery using Repair Mode. privacy feature, To model Galaxy S21 It will start with an update.

While the new feature is currently being tested in South Korea, it will soon roll out to all Galaxy owners globally. Even Google Android’in it is possible to build it in the next version.

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