ByteDance begins semiconductor manufacturing

Tech giants such as Amazon, Alibaba and Baidu produce their own chipsets. ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, has announced that it will enter the semiconductor industry.

ByteDance is pushing the semiconductor manufacturing button

A ByteDance spokesperson told CNBC: “ByteDance, the hero of many apps and games, especially TikTok, is facing the issue of chip supply. We will enter the chip design process as we are having a hard time finding suppliers that can meet our requirements. statements made.

ByteDance is pushing the semiconductor manufacturing button

ByteDance has announced that it will collaborate with Chinese tech giants to speed up the production process. The chips to be produced will be used in the servers of video and entertainment platforms developed by ByteDance.

AMD's new processors are performance monsters!

AMD’s new processors are performance monsters!

AMD’s Ryzen 5 7600X series processor with the new Zen 4 architecture has overtaken the Ryzen 9 5950X, one of the best from last year.

Explaining that it does not intend to sell the chips it makes, the company has opened a job posting to recruit semiconductor experts. Chinese companies buy services from foreign companies to manufacture some components, just like Apple does.

Semiconductors, which are needed in many fields, especially in the automobile and smart phone market, form the basis of the technological war between the US and China. It is known that the Chinese government wants to leave Europe and America behind in the semiconductor sector.

The Chinese government has long made efforts to develop chip manufacturing in the country. However, it is clear that China needs to do more to keep up with its competitors in the US and other parts of Asia.

What do you think about that? Do you think ByteDance’s semiconductor move could boost China’s chip manufacturing? You can share your ideas in the comment section and on the SDN forum.

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