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Baggage lost at the airport found with AirTag

Apple’s tracker AirTag So far, he has saved dozens of people’s belongings. In the latest incident in the US, AirTag detected the suitcase stolen by the airport employee. After tracking the AirTag, police found the suitcase at the employee’s home.

Suitcase with AirTag found at airport employee’s house

19 year old working at Florida International Airport Giovanni De LucaHe was arrested on two separate theft charges. According to information provided by Florida State Police, two of your suitcases went missing in one day at the airport. The teams, who realized that there was a thief at the airport, identified this person. AirTag’li suitcase thanks got it

Siri and AirTag innovation in iOS 15.4!

De Luca, who stole two suitcases in one day, was unaware that one of those bags had an AirTag. The injured passenger, who said he could track his suitcase with an AirTag, informed police of his suitcase’s location. The address shown by the AirTag was reported to belong to the 19-year-old airport employee.

Is Apple having success with AirTag?  - answered the analyst

Is Apple having success with AirTag? – answered the analyst

AirTag, one of Apple’s most useful accessories in recent years, has resurfaced with the comments of the famous analyst.

Saying De Luca took two bags home on the same day, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said they found more than $1,600 in cash and jewelry. Giovanni De Luca is facing two major theft charges.

AirTag, Bul secure network discoverable by nearby devices. Bluetooth signal distribution. These devices send the location of the AirTag to iCloud so that the exact location of the tracker tracked through the Find network can be displayed on the map.


The results of the analysis of more than 150 police reports were shared over the past 8 months. Nearly half of them are related to theft and robbery, and the other half to Apple. Tracking women using AirTag There have been reported cases of harassment including

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