Apple’s incredible iMac design revealed!

An Apple product that has undergone the fewest design changes in many years iMac it happened. Although the 24-inch 4.5K Retina display and the M1 chip are quite successful, it cannot be said that Apple has made radical design decisions. However, the new patent means that the iMac “of curved glass with a built-in display“This shows it can happen.

Apple is working on a glass iMac design

A new Apple patent spotted by Apple Insider shows how a device like the iMac could become futuristic. The tech giant said in its patent description that instead of the iMac, “Glass body A member of the electronic device“, he prefers to say.

When we look at the patent image, Apple’s one whole glass body We see you are working on it. The tech giant that puts the screen in that glass body is right above the screen. iSight camera He thinks it might be (FaceTime camera).

Apple improves performance with iPhone 14!

Apple improves performance with iPhone 14!

The iPhone 14 series is coming. The company wants to increase its productivity with the new series. New leak information has arrived.

The patent also allows the monolithic glass to be adjusted according to the user’s request.corrugated section that supports the glass” revealed. Network connection cables and peripheral devices can also be compressed in this section, and at the same time power ports can also be found.

Apple also plans to reduce the weight of glass in this way. Placing the cables and ports in this section makes the design more configurable.

In addition to the design of the screen, just below the glass body keyboard and maybe Magic trackpad There is a part where it can be placed. However, since this design is included in a single image, the details are not exactly known.

While the “Glass Body Electronic Device Member” patent that appears to have been taken out for the iMac is quite elegant, it’s still in a primitive stage in terms of design. We also know that Apple owns many different patents and in most cases does not use them.

So what do you think of the new iMac design? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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