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Apple Watch Pro is coming! 35 thousand TL in full

Apple, which is among the leading companies in the wearable technology sector, manages to surprise every year with the features it provides to its smartwatches. Finally, he gave these devices the ability to measure the level of oxygen in the blood.

The entire market followed his lead and started offering the same feature in their models. However, in recent days, it has come to the fore not with features, but with device models. As the Watch 8 Rugged Edition or Extreme Edition, the Watch 8 and Watch 8 Pro will come in 3 models.

Apple Watch Pro will burn your wallet!

Apple will hold another event in about 2 months. The main models iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will be presented here. But the new AirPods Pro and 8th generation smartwatches are also eagerly awaited by a large audience.

Apple Watch Pro

A leak recently revealed that Apple will introduce a second smartwatch this year, expected to be called the Rugged Edition or Extreme Edition, which will stand out with its durable design, long-lasting battery and extreme sports features.

A new mode is coming to Apple Watches with watchOS 9!

A new mode is coming to Apple Watches with watchOS 9!

Apple plans to introduce a new low-power mode to its smartwatches with watchOS 9.

But today another claim has come to the fore. It has been said that Apple’s Rugged Edition model will not be sold everywhere and may be sold as an add-on rather than a second model. But there will definitely be a 2nd. It is stated that this will be a new Apple Watch that will come with the name Pro.

Of course, a second claim is that the model mentioned as Rugged Edition or Extreme Edition is actually the Pro. But the most important point was the expected price. Because among the leaks there is information that this device will be around 900-1000 dollars, that is, 2 times the 8th generation.

Apple Watch Pro

If this pricing is correct and we assume that it will come to our country, we can say that the GPS-only model will go on sale in Turkey at a price of 25 thousand TL, and GPS+Cellular, i.e. -SIM supported model, with a price just under 35 thousand TL.

What do you think about that question? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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