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Apple takes new measures against the supply crisis!

Apple, new iPhone 14 will introduce the model in the coming months. The company will soon begin mass production of the new smartphone model. American company During production He holds things tight so he doesn’t cause trouble. Apple for this purpose iPhone 14 models number of suppliers increases.

Apple is increasing the number of suppliers

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s post on Twitter SG Microfor high-end iPhone 14 models Quality Certificate has received. As a result, the Chinese chain manufacturer Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro ve iPhone 14 Pro Max added to the list of suppliers.

The world turned upside down!  Here is the percentage of iPhone sales in China

The world turned upside down! Here is the percentage of iPhone sales in China

After Europe and America, iPhone 13 sales in the Asian market also managed to exceed expectations.

Controlling the battery and voltage level switch SG MicroThe integrated circuit of will be used in the iPhone this year. So SG Micro Apple’s high end devices This will be the first time to supply parts for with the new supplier iPhone 14the production process will speed up.

According to the analyst, SG Micro’s chips are “necessary for parts used in more expensive high-end electronics.”level 1 level“It has arrived. Apple also earlier this year iPhone 14 Pro It also negotiated with new suppliers for camera parts for

in May in China COVID-19 The pandemic caused a three-week delay in iPhone production. Apple in its new model supply problems He holds things pretty tight, so he doesn’t live. The company has plenty of production time before the new model is introduced. So is Apple millions of components Ordered months ago.

Despite all precautions taken by Apple, supply crisis because iPhone 14 models may not reach large production numbers in the first place. Apple recently introduced MacBook Air with M2 processor had to delay deliveries of his model. The company also had various problems in other models.

apple, new iPhone 14 He will present his model in September. In the new phones Pro models consisting of 4 different versions serrated design goodbye too. Let’s see iPhone What innovations will it offer us in its new generation? So what do you think of the new iPhone models? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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