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Apple raises the bar with the iPhone 15 series!

Tech giant Apple is considered by many to be the best smartphone maker in the world, along with the iPhone. The company will introduce the iPhone 14 series later this year. However, important leak sources are getting information about the next model, the iPhone 15, before the latest model in the series is released. So much so that according to sources, Apple will raise the bar with the iPhone 15 series.

Apple will switch to a periscope lens with the iPhone 15 Pro Max

While Apple is working on many of its products, it is also planning for the coming years. The company has laid out its plans to take its cameras in the iPhone range to the next level. Ming-Chi Kuo, who made a name for himself with the leaked news he received, received important information.

Technical drawings of the iPhone 14 Pro Max have appeared

Technical drawings of the iPhone 14 Pro Max have appeared

New leaks keep coming for the leaked iPhone 14 family that will be unveiled on September 13. iPhone 14 Pro Max design leaked.

Earlier, some sources said that Apple will use special lenses in the iPhone 15 series. Known for his accuracy in his news, Kuo confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will come with a periscope lens. According to the source, Apple will only use a periscope lens in this model.

Periscope lens

Ming-Chi Kuo also gave some details about the lens’s characteristics. Previous information was that the periscope would have 5x magnification. According to Kuo, the 12MP 1/3” sensor will have many important features such as 6x zoom and sensor shift stabilization. On the other hand, the source said that the periscope lens will be used in at least two models of the iPhone 16 series.

Periscope lens

On the other hand, the only change in the camera issue will not be felt at the rear. According to earlier information, Apple will no longer abandon the notch design with the iPhone 15 Pro. The company has used either a thick top bezel or a notch design since the beginning of the iPhone line. If the claims are true, the iPhone 15 Pro will be the first iPhone series smartphone without any of these designs.

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