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Apple overturned the Chinese market with iPhone 13 sales!

After Huawei’s shrinking following the US embargo, there was a huge gap in the Chinese market. Although brands like Honor, OPPO and OnePlus filled it in the beginning, interest in iPhone has increased unexpectedly day by day. Now, all its devices, especially Apple iPhone 13 sales, are in record high demand in the Chinese market.

Apple overturned the Chinese market with iPhone 13 sales!

According to recent reports, iPhone 13 sales in the Asian region have peaked. In fact, there is an annual growth of 200 percent in the Chinese market. When we look specifically at June, we see a much higher increase of 227 percent.

iPhone 13

Of course, this situation attracts attention from two different aspects. First, top-selling brands like Apple and Samsung released fewer phones this year due to the pandemic, global inflation and the chip crisis. In fact, these two companies alone are known to produce 50 million fewer devices.

Apple will pay $50 million to MacBook owners!

Apple will pay $50 million to MacBook owners!

The flaw in MacBook models with butterfly keyboards is costing Apple dearly. It will pay its clients $50 million.

Despite this, however, Apple was able to multiply its sales in the Chinese market. In other words, the biggest piece of the cake is now the Asian market, not Europe and America. The second notable reason is the gap in the market over the past 3 years.

After the embargo and trade bans imposed on Huawei by the US, this company made a historic reduction in smartphone production. While market share reached 30 percent for a period, it could no longer exceed 5 percent.

Other Chinese companies such as Honor, OPPO, OnePlus and Vivo have filled the void. Of course, this was the case not only in Asia, but also in the European and American markets. However, as we see, the cards are being redistributed due to the growing interest in Apple.

According to the related report, the interest that started in the iPhone 11 series continues to grow in the new generations. After the iPhone 13 was introduced, it reached its peak. In fact, while smartphone shipments fell 12 percent due to shutdowns during the pandemic period, Apple shipped 25 percent more.

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