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Apple is leaving China in production

An applebegan shifting its production from China to other regions. In India this year iPhone 13 The company, which started production, is looking for new production sites for its other products as well. In this context, some devices of the company, which continues its work, will be produced in Vietnam. claimed.

Apple is moving its production from China to other countries

Nicaea AsiaAccording to Apple news, for the first time in Vietnam with its suppliers Apple Watch ve MacBook production negotiations. According to the report, Apple’s Chinese supplier Luxshare Precision Industry and based in Taiwan Foxconnhas begun test production of the Apple Watch in northern Vietnam.

Apple's new rules surprised!  The employees blame each other

Apple’s new rules surprised! The employees blame each other

Apple’s office rules have changed again. By saying it wanted to see its employees in the office three days a week, Apple received backlash.

Apple Watch and MacBook manufacturing moving to Vietnam In addition, in the news, of Apple HomePod It is said to be planning to move its production to that country as well. Apple manufactures When moving from China to other countriesIt is predicted that this transition may happen quite slowly due to the pandemic.

The second largest smartphone market in the world India, Mexican ve Vietnam This is a very important position for Apple. It is trying to move production away from China Apple and other American brandsbegan signing new supply agreements with these countries.

experienced shortage of supplies ve Russian-Ukrainian war In addition, companies are also experiencing very difficult times. In the shadow of all these events, Apple MacBook ve Watch 8 We will see together what the results will be if he moves his production to another region.

So, you An apple And what do you think about the gradual shift of production from China to other countries? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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