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Apple is breaking new ground in smart watch models!

There is one feature that is conspicuously missing from most wearables. Device security is usually password protected. But wouldn’t a biometric sensor be both more useful and safer? It’s really remarkable that brands haven’t added a fingerprint reader to their smartwatch models while technology is advancing so quickly.

Apple Watch models get a fingerprint sensor

Apple seems to be changing this situation. According to the information received, the company has applied for a patent for the fingerprint sensor for use in the next generation of Apple Watch. Apple’s patent application marks a new era in smartwatches.

A new era in healthcare begins with Apple Watch Series 8!

A new era in healthcare begins with Apple Watch Series 8!

According to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, Apple will usher in a new era with the upcoming Watch Series 8. Here are the details!

According to the official patent images, the fingerprint sensor is placed right next to the button on the side of the device. Apple following this path leaves a question mark in the mind. It was rather curious that Apple added a new button instead of integrating this sensor into the Digital Crown.

We think it would make a lot more sense to put the fingerprint scanner on the Crown. Of course, there is also the option of adding a second dedicated button to Apple’s new smartwatch models. That’s why the company may have wanted to put its new sensor on its second key.

Another question mark is that Apple does not use the fingerprint sensor under the display. Although many brands have been using this sensor for years, it’s really interesting that Apple hasn’t introduced it to their products. However, this feature must be used on an iPhone model prior to the Apple Watch.

However, regardless of everything, the company will take a major step in terms of security in Apple Watch models with a fingerprint sensor. Of course, brands receive perhaps thousands of patents a year. And we only see some of them come to life. The fingerprint sensor may also not be used by Apple in its smartwatches.

However, we think using the Apple Watch with the fingerprint sensor will be both easier and safer. So, do you want Apple Watch models to have a fingerprint sensor? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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